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Super Save Fuels delivers a variety of fuels to suit the needs of every customer. We rely on safe and clean fuels to fulfill customer requirements. Whether you need ultra-low sulphur diesel or ultra-low sulphur furnace oil, we have the inventory. We deliver the following fuel products to job sites, residences, marine docks, and a variety of other places:

  • Diesel fuel (marked/clear)

  • Gasoline (marked/clear)

  • Biodiesel

  • Furnace oil

  • Stove oil

Our ultra-low sulphur diesel (under 15 ppm sulphur) contains up to 5% biodiesel blended by Shell at their Burnaby loading facility ensuring quality to all our customers. The furnace oil that we supply contains up to 5% biodiesel. You can also contact us for stove oil. Please note that our stove oil does not contain biodiesel. HDRD 100% Hydrogen Derived Renewable Diesel is now available.


We also handle Midgrade 89 (no Ethanol) and Premium 91 (contains up to 10% Ethanol) as these unleaded products don’t contain ethanol. 

2 Super Saver Fuels Truck


Fuel is a necessity in our lives. It is a good idea to opt for clean, safe fuels in order to maintain a safe environment around us. Super Save Fuels is dedicated to helping you get access to clean fuels without any stress. Our professional track record helps us get the job done right the first time, giving you a better fuel delivery experience.

We are a supplier of both marked and clear fuel in both diesel and gasoline. Both types have the same quality and characteristics, but marked fuels have an added dye to indicate off-road use. To check eligibility, please fill out the marked fuel tax form.

Marked fuel customers must fill out and return a FIN430 Coloured Fuel Certification form.

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